Stay Focused: Eyewear Advice for Preppers

Bendable memory titanium frames $15.95

Prescription Eyewear
For those of you that require corrective lenses or glasses, don’t loose your focus during an emergency situation.  Do this by including extra eyeglasses and contact lenses with your preps.  I have a pair of eyeglasses and a 2 week supply of contacts in my BOB (bug out bag) and in both my vehicle and home survival kits.  Be sure to keep them in a protective case too.  Visit your eyewear supplier and see what their best deals are for inexpensive sets.  Or better yet, SAVE A TON OF MONEY by shopping online- we found bendable titanium frames for under $20 here.  Don’t worry about how they look either.  I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing mine in public- but if disaster strikes I may be left for dead without them. Continue reading