Emergency Food: Buy In Bulk! Stack ‘Em Deep!

harvestright-26Freeze dried food pouches are the best option for long term emergency food preparation. We at Survival Kit Guide like Mountain House’s offering and suggest that you take a few moments to address your stash. Mountain House offers several packages depending on the volume of freeze dried food you and your family will require.

Just remember that buying the food doesn’t mean you’re finished; you’ll need water and a way to boil it in order to make your emergency meals. Along with your drinking water, make sure to include enough for your freeze dried preps, and stock up the fuel you need for the water boiling method of your choice. We recommend the Jet Boil system, as it is both easy to use and very convenient, and the propane refill canisters are affordable enough to stock up on as well.

Here’s a quick guide to figure out the amount of water you will need per pouch:

Pro Pak Entrees – 1 ½ cup boiling
Double Serve Entrees – 2 cups boiling (53171 1 ½ cups boiling)
Vegetables – 1 cup boiling
Breakfast – 1 cup boiling (53449 – ½ cup cold)
Rasp Crumble – 1 1/3 cup boiling
Chocolate Strawberry Crunch – 2 cups Cold
Blueberry Cheesecake – 1/4 cup Boiling, 1 cup Cold

Don’t delay getting your food preps in order any longer. Take a quick few minutes and get your emergency food storage situation completed. We recommend having at least 1 month worth of food for each individual in your home. Go take a look at Mountain House’s offerings and pick up a harvestright-26 and some fuel too. Grab an extra gallon of water each time you are at the grocery store and don’t forget to stock up for your pets! Survival Kit Guide has everything you’ll need for food storage linked from our site. Go and get prepared today.