Disaster Preparedness for Your Dog or Cat

With just a little bit of planning and preparation, you’ll can be ready to evacuate your home AND take your furry friends along in the event of a disaster.

Here’s our list of essential items to stock for your dog or cat. Pack and store these items together in a secure, dry area like your garage. When disaster strikes you can just grab the crate, the pets and bug out!  We’ve also taken the time to recommend some quality products for most list items.

Mountainsmith Dog Pack

Mounted Pack
Your dog can carry its own bug-out bag! There’s plenty of options depending on your budget and breed of dog, but we Like the Mountainsmith Dog Pack.

Food & Water
You’ll wanna keep a 1-2 week supply of the dry or canned food your pet usually eats. (While stored, make sure to replace the food according to expiration dates.) Also include a necessary untinsils (spoon, can opener, etc.) Store the food in a waterproof and protective bag or bucket.

Get Your Cats Prepared Too:
Here’s some more cat-specific items you’ll wanna stock up on. 

Even More information:
There’s tons of great info out there to get you even more prepared.



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